SocialSite – Social School Communication Software & Services


SocialSite is a very cost effective and affordable solution.

We make use of a simple per-user costing model. Costs are calculated by the amount of learners in the school with no other fixed cost involed.

Costing Structure

  • We charge a very small amount per learner user of the site with no other fixed cost.
  • Teacher users make use of the system for FREE.
  • Advertisements / sponsor details, including the management thereof is completely FREE.
  • Learners that are exempt from school fees may use the system for FREE.
  • Payments on a month-to-month basis.
  • 1 month FREE for annual payments.
  • FREE support.
  • FREE setup.
  • FREE maintenance.
  • FREE monitoring.
  • FREE reporting.

Contact us for more details and exact costing.

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